separation of solid part of product and subsequent drying on filtering fabric

vacuum and heating

hydraulic stirrer drive

heating jacket, filtering bottom

push-out branch

washing spraying system

grinded or polished internal surface

hydraulic bottom lifting mechanism

bidirectional stirrer with function (“smooth” and “sweep”)

axial lift of stirrer

Basic line *)

Filter area [m2] Diameter of apparatus [mm] Volume above filter screen [L]
0.08 400 60
0.13 500 100
0.20 600 200
0.40 800 400
0.65 1000 800
1.00 1200 1400

*) The table is just of informational character. We design devices according to customer’s requirements.


stainless steel (DIN 1.4571)


nickel alloys (Hastelloy®)

coating PFA RubyRed® (in combination with enameled stirrer and enameled push-out branch)

Standard design

working pressure -1 to 3 barg

hydraulic drive Bosch-Rexroth

hydraulic lift of filter bottom

heating jacket, optional heating filter bottom

mechanical sealing, metal bellow

bidirectional stirrer with function “smooth” and “sweep”

washing spraing system with washinh nozzles or balls

axial lift of stirrer

rated speed of stirrer 0 to 50 min-1

All our delivered equipment is straight from the phase of proposal, project and design optimized according to our customer requirements.

Our main aim is to provide the made-to-measure solution offering all our experience and knowledge.

We do not prefer catalogue production.

Examples of realizations