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VSK Pardubice s.r.o.

The VSK Pardubice company was established in Spring 1992. At the beginning the company was mainly involved in construction and development of apparatus (especially pressure vessels including stress calculations and analysis), laboratory devices and pilot and main plants devices for chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Costructional work had gradually expanded into other areas like designing of transport devices for loose materials (worm conveyors, redlers), steel constructions, technological lines engineering and revision of specific pressure vessels. Thanks to growing enquiry we have increased our service providing also the production of the devices we have designed. So at present we are able to provide the full service beginning with the technical realization proposal to technical drawing, construction, technical documentation and production itself, as well as the full service during the operational life of the device. Our company is mainly specified in high-pressure hydrogenation autoclaves, process filter dryers, vacuum dryers and nickel alloy (Hastelloy) devices.

Customized solutions

All our delivered equipment is straight from the phase of proposal, project and construction optimized according to our client requirements. Our main aim is to provide the made-to-measure solution offering all our experience and knowledge. We do not prefer catalogue production.


We are highly experienced in providing equipment made of stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloys (Hastelloy®), tantalum, plastic  (PP, PE, PVDF, PTFE, covered by PFA RubyRed®, Halar®). We cooperate with the leading providers of mechanical seals (EagleBurgmann®, Chetra®, John Crane®) when applying seals on our appartuses.

New seat

In September 2007 VSK company has moved to its new site in Pardubice- Rybitví, 100 km east of Prague. The newly built company building (administration and production site) has been the property of VSK Pardubice.


In February 2004 our company was certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

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