Vacuum dryers

/Vacuum dryers

Pressuer equipment for drying chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other products

GMP standards

Working pressure -1 (vacuum) to 0 barg

Working temperature up to 150ºC

Material steinless steel (aisi 316ti, aisi 316, aisi 304), nickel Alloys (Hastelloy®)

Polished internal surface, rounded edges, dead-spot free design

Sealing made of silicon, PTFE, KALREZ®

Infusion of air or nitrogen

těsnění silikon, PTFE, KALREZ®

Basic line *)

 High Wide Deep Racks
 1750  1700    750      13
 1400   850    750      10
 1100   750    750       6

*) The table is just of informational character. We design devices according to customer’s requirements.

Examples of realizations