Filter-dryer 2800L, Hatselloy C22, 6bar

/, Reconstruction/Filter-dryer 2800L, Hatselloy C22, 6bar

Rebuilding and inovation of old filter dryer 2800 L

supplemented with discharge nozzle with hydraulic opening

supplemented with hydraulic stirrer lifting mechanim, stroke 500 mm

stirrer with function “smooth” and “sweep”

heated jacket, heated bottom (1.4435, 3,5 bar)

inner surface Ra<0,8 μm; brilliant polish

filtering diameter 1500 mm

hydraulic bottom lifting mechanism

hydromotor Mk=6300Nm, continous variable speed of stirrer 0 – 20 RPM

radial & axial shaft seal PTFE

wetted material: Hastelloy C22

material of duplicator and other components: 1.4435

allowable pressure -1 až 6 bar(g)

maximum working temperature: 100°C

Ex proof


La Mesta Chimie Fine, Gilette, France