Filter-dryer 5 bar

//Filter-dryer 5 bar


allowable pressure -1 až 5 bar(g)

working temperature 130°C

volume 100 L

wetted material AISI 316L

internal surface grinded Ra<0,6 μm, no dead spots

heating jacket

filtering area ø450 mm

2,2kW drive with frequency converter (stirrer speed 15 to 50 min-1)

double mechanic sealing with barrier fluid allowing axial movement

hydraulic axial movement of stirrer (200 mm)

hydraulic lifting of filtering bottom

CIP cleaning system

push out branch DN100 with manual opening and internal CIP cleaning system

dust filter with pneumatic shaking

external circulation of medium through high shear inline dispersing machine Dispax

external 150 L CIP vessel

water circulatory thermostatic unit, 90°C, heated by steam, cooled by water

Ex proof


Contipro a.s., Dolní Dobrouč