Filter-dryer 30 L, 1.4404 + C22

//Filter-dryer 30 L, 1.4404 + C22


2 pcs of filter-dryers – 1 pc from stainless 1.4404, 1 pc from Hastelloy C22

allowable pressure -1 to 3 bar(g)

allowable temperature 100°C

wetted material AISI 316L/Ti

heating jacket (3 bar(g), material AISI 304)

1,1kW drive with frequency converter (11 to 32 min-1)

double mechanic sealing Eagle Burgmann

hydraulic axial movement of stirrer (manualy drived by pump)

lifting od bottom (manualy drived by hand crank)

push out branch with manual opening

Ex proof


Hameln rds a.s., Modra, Slovensko