Autoclave R301 – 6m3, 60bar, 250°C

//Autoclave R301 – 6m3, 60bar, 250°C
Autokláv R301 - 6000L, 60bar, 250°C

We have just realised the largest hydrogenation autoclave in company history.

  • construction pressure -1 to 60 bar
  • maximum temperature 250°C
  • maximum volume 6000 L (internal ø1600 mm)
  • wetted material DIN WNr. 1.4404, internal surface grinded Ra<=0,8
  • heating jacket with streaming spiral (steam 32 bar, 250°C)
  • cooling spiral (water, 1.4404)
  • double mechanic sealing with barrier fluid EagleBurgmann
  • 4-blade hollow hydrogenation stirrer with divided shaft
  • 75 kW drive with frquency converter and cooling
  • variable speed of stirrer 180 to 450 RPM
  • cooling of bearings – oil circulating unit
  • Explosion proof (II 3G IIC T2 outside, II 2G IIC T2 inside)
  • hydraulic unit incl. MaR

BorsodChem MCHZ, s.r.o., Ostrava

Autokláv R301 - 6000L, 60bar, 250°C realizace