Fractional distillation apparatus PP400

//Fractional distillation apparatus PP400
Fractional distillation equipment on a turnkey basis – project, construction, production, assembly, revival, service


Boiler 4000 L, stirrer, duplicator, spiral for heating and cooling

Distillation column DN 400 mm, height 5 m, filling Sulzer type CY

Distillation head with reflux valve and two tube condensers

Vacuum system – control valve, freezer (condenser), vacuum reservoir, vacuum pump, exhaust condenser and absorber
Thermostat – two heat exchangers, one for cooling the glycol mixture and the other for heating with steam, circulation pump, expansion vessel, series of control valves.
Drain pipes with pumps and sanitary pipes with pumps
Technological line (Ex) + machine line.

Nosná konstrukce s instalačním/servisním kladkostrojem

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