Liquid and gel germicides manufacture

//Liquid and gel germicides manufacture

liquid and gel germicides manufacturing, filling and packaging

mixer A01, volume 2m3, 4kW drive, jacketed

mixer A02, volume 2m3, 4kW drive

mixer A03, volume 4m3, 7,5kW drive, jacketed

mixer A04, volume 4m3, 7,5kW drive

mixer tank H01, volume 13m3, mícháno čerpadlem

tank H02, volume 340 L

tank for demineralized water H03, volume 3m3

thermostatic unit (heated by steam, cooled by brine, heat transfer medium – water)

accesories of production line from subcontractors: mixer of premixes, demin plant, 3x filling line, wrapping machine etc.


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