Fermenter 100 L

working volume 100 L

operating temperature -20 to 155°C

operating pressure -1 to 6 barg

heating jacket (steam 6 bar), isolation in stainless steel cover

wetted material stainless steel AISI 316L, surface grinded Ra < 0.8 μm

bottom magnetic stirrer, 3 x Rushton turbines with a diameter of 135 mm, Liquitec, type bio-m BMAF 1200

speed 130 – 700 RPM,  1.1 kW

removable mixing buffles

bottom drain valve DN 15 GEMÜ B600 with inlet valve for steam DN 8

removable air ring DN 15 with a system of holes at the bottom

aseptic nozzles, Ingold type

inoculation ports DN19 in the top lid


Lonza Biotec s.r.o., Kouřim