Autoclave 1+10 L, 200/100 bar, Hastelloy C-22

//Autoclave 1+10 L, 200/100 bar, Hastelloy C-22

material in contact with medium – Hastelloy C-22

two interchangeable wessels (1 L and 10 L), common cover and rack

maximum working temperature 200°C

working pressure 200 bar (1 L wessel and cover), 100 bar (10 L wessel)

magnetic coupling Büchi

interchangeable stirrers – turbine and anchor for each wessel

electric drive with fluid converter, 250 W, 0-1200 min-1

internal surface grinded Ra < 1 µm

elektric band heater attached on wessel (1,2 kW for 1 L, 6kW for 10 L) – EX version

cooling spiral (only 10 L wessel) and cooling bottom jacket (water)

supporting rack with hydraulic lifting mechanism (cover is fixed, wessel is lifted), manual pressure pump


VUOS, Pardubice – Rybitví