Autoclave 0,5 L, 150bar, C22 + 316

//Autoclave 0,5 L, 150bar, C22 + 316

2 pcs of same autoclave, 1 pc from stainless steel AISI 316, 1 pc from Hastelloy C22

volume 550 ml

maximum allowable pressure 182 bar(g)

maximum allowable temperature 220°C

cooling jacket (cooled by water)

heated by electric heater 1 kW attached on cylindrical shell

anchor stirrer, variable speed 0-1200 min-1

magnetic coupling Büchi bmd300 (max. 3Nm)

elektrodrive with variator, belt gear

fixed top lid, lifting of vessel (manualy drived by hand crank)


Ústav fyzikální chemie J. Heyrovského AVČR, Praha